Design & Detail Engineering

Design & Detail Engineering
Our design of fire-protection system goals are: Saving lives, saving property & preserving business continuity, with compliance of local & international code.


  1. Engineering design, Hydraulic calculations for all water based Fire Fighting system, Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams, Gas calculation for clean agent, clean Fire detection & Gas diagrams, as per NFPA, OISD, NBC Part IV, BIS guidelines. Systems.
  2. Building Life safety, Fire safety, Design Escape/Stairs, Compartmentalization Schemes, Smoke management. Way Finding Systems, Emergency Lightning as per NFPA 101 & NBC IV.
  3. Commissioning and verification of installed systems.
  4. Acceptance of works on behalf of client.

Our team involves an experienced system designer, a fire-protection, mechanical, electrical & instrument Engineer for planning and designing which achieves most beneficial & effective system performance  to detect, contain, control, and/or extinguish a fire in its early stages – and to survive during the fire

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