We provide the solution for hospitals.

In the foreground of fire protection in the hospital is protecting people. However, damage to medical equipment can also quickly mount up to millions. Entire stations can be out of operation for months, not to mention damage to the institution’s image. Safety Specialities offers efficient fire protection solutions, which prevent personal injury and property damages.

With a Minifog EconAqua water mist extinguishing system nearly all of a modern clinic’s station points are optimally protected: inspection areas, nurse and sickrooms, waiting rooms, restaurants and escape routes. The innovative low-pressure, fine mist technology distinguishes itself through a minimal demand for water. Compared to classic sprinkler systems up to 85 percent less extinguishing water is used with Minifog EconAqua water mist extinguishing systems! Sensitive technical equipment thereby sustains no serious damage during extinguishing and is generally quickly ready for service again.

However, it is not only hospital interiors that are at major risk of fire hazards. Landing rescue helicopters can easily catch on fire due to a technical defect. Foam monitors are the most effective fire protection solution for helicopter landing pads. In contrast to pure water, foam is excellently suited for extinguishing burning liquids, such as kerosene, and guarantees rapid extinguishing.

Adequate fire protection concepts from structural fire protection and fire detection systems, stationary, automatic fire extinguishing and special extinguishing systems to mobile fire protection for the manual initial offensive are indispensable in the protection of people and property. The more there is of this coming from one source, the less interfaces there are, and hence installation and operation run perfectly smoothly – to provide optimum security in hospitals.

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