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Christmas tree fires can turn devastating and deadly within seconds

A live Christmas tree burn conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) shows just how quickly a dried out Christmas tree fire burns, with flashover occurring in less than one minute, as compared to a well-watered tree, which burns at a much slower rate.

Human behaviour during a fire alarm

Members of the public being secretly filmed, a fire alarm is activated. What do they do? What would you do? This excellent piece of film shows the importance of a fire warden.

Foam Fire-Suppression System: Initial Test

NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center recently upgraded the foam fire suppression system for our aircraft support hangar. The safety system uses high expansion foam, which contains less water and chemicals making it more environmentally friendly. The foam is used to help control damage in the event of a fire and prevent the loss of any aircraft.

G7 Ultimate Fire Protection Test on Treated Copper Metal

G7 Ultimate Fire Protection Technology has produce a revolutionary breakthrough in Space age Technology Composite that prevents structural failure and thermal breakdown caused by Heat. Most metals thermally break down when reached their melting point for example This Copper Sheet starts to melt and disintegrate at temperature exceeding 1,984°F (1,085°C) degrees Fahrenheit. and Boiling point: at 4,644°F (2,562°C) The flame hitting the copper is over 5,000°F degrees Fahrenheit. as you can see the thermal material is clearly not breaking down or melting. It remains white hot but does not disintegrate. Space Age Composite Allows any Material to exceed thermal melting point of the metal without breakdown. or Any Material that is applied too fire retardant. A Truly Revolutionary breakthrough is Material Science. visit to find out more

Solberg RE HEALING™ Foam Fire Sprinkler Test

Foam sprinkler testing from Solberg showing 5 minute foam/water application and 5 minute water only application burn-back tests.

Understanding Fire Phenomena

A demonstration of some basic facts about fire behaviour, using only a candle. At much larger scales, these concepts are used by fire protection engineers to create better sprinkler designs, run computer simulations, assess risk, and create new fuels.

Solberg RE HEALING™ Foam UL 162 Test

Foam test from Solberg, 6% solution. Includes 1 minute pre-burn, two torch tests, followed by burn-back tests.

Ignition Experiment: Ignition from Radiant Heat

Two wooden dowels receive a high radiant heat flux from the panel behind them. The smaller, thinner dowel takes longer to ignite because it convectively cools while it radiatively heats, keeping its temperature below its ignition temperature.

Large-Scale Fire Tests Runehamar Tunnel

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden performed four large-scale fire tests on semi-trailer cargo in the abandoned 1.6 km long Runehamar road tunnel outside Åndalsnes in Norway in September 2003.

Christmas Tree Fire Safety

This video shows a comparison on the effects of a fire on a “wet” tree and a “dry” tree. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that there is an estimated annual average of 210 home structure fires that begin with Christmas trees.

Innohome Cooker Fire Test

The Cooker Fire Test was carried out in a large fire testing hall based at VTT Expert Services Ltd in Finland. Fire ignited in the unprotected cooker in less than 7 minutes.

Impact of Fuel Arrangement

Residential Sprinkler Fire Test with BS 9252 Fire Load

A comparison of two fires; one sprinklered and one unsprinklered, using a fuel package consistent with the specification of BS 9252 ‘Components for residential sprinkler systems – Specification and test methods for residential sprinklers’. The operating sprinkler head was discharging water with a coverage density of 4 mm/min. The fire tests were undertaken for a seminar held at BRE Global Ltd on 24th April 2013 titled ‘Residential sprinkler systems in the UK – an update’.

Aircraft Hangar Foam Fire Suppression Test

Commissioning of the High Expansion Foam Fire Suppression System

High Pressure Fog Fire Protection in a Storage Building

A warehouse for packaging storage. A demo with fire fighting experts. A traditional sprinkler system would cause too much damage to the storage goods. On this you can see as well the difference with the tubing (in red) of the old sprinkler system. An innovative and simple solution for fire – fighting: high-pressure fog system atomizes water with extreme precision and high efficiency. The spray is expanding out very fast into the deepest corners without inflicting water damage, as it is with conventional Sprinkler type fire protection systems

Vetrotech Radiant Heat Video

Vetrotech’s Radiant Heat comparison test video – revised. This video shows the difference between our fire-protective (KERALITE) and fire-resistive (CONTRAFLAM) glass products.

2013 NFPA Conference & Expo – Underwriters Laboratories Test Burn

This particular fire test was the latest in the series designed to test the protection solutions for exposed expanded plastic commodities in a rack storage system. The results could have an impact on NFPA 13, Installation of Sprinkler Systems

2013 NFPA Conference & Expo – Group A Plastics Test Burn

UL engineer Kerry Bell describes the results of a recent major fire test program to provide the technical basis for sprinkler protection criteria for Exposed Expanded Group A Plastics in NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems.

Bush Fire Protection System Demonstration

Demonstrating the effectiveness of ‘Bushfire Protection Systems’ automatic drencher system in a bushfire.

Water Mist Fire Demonstration

Fire Test in Train Tunnel, METRO Project Sweden

Fire Suppression Test – Foam & Dry Chemical Powder


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